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Sugar Is Making Us Fat

Most of us are aware that too many calories from any source will be stored as fat if not burned. What we may not know, however, is the toxic affect that simple carbohydrates (sugar) have on the body. The lack  […]

Eating Well on a Busy Schedule

Demanding professional careers and busy family lives have many of us eating poorly. Poor nutrition can leave us over extended, overwhelmed and, let’s be honest, overweight. One of the greatest hurdles we face when trying to eat healthy is a  […]

The “Skinny” on Carbs

Have you heard the buzz about eating “low-carb” for weight loss but never really understood all of the facts? Bee Healthy Medical Weight Loss and Wellness wants you to know the “skinny” on carbohydrates so you can use them effectively  […]

Cut Salt, Save 500,000 U.S. Lives Over a Decade, Study Finds

Reducing salt in Americans’ diets would save hundreds of thousands of lives over 10 years, according to a new study.   Excess salt, the primary source of sodium, contributes to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, the leading killer in  […]

Southern Cuisine Increases Stroke Risk

Courtesy: Augusta Chronicle By Tom Corwin   Fried chicken, salty ham and sweet tea have long been staples of Southern cuisine but it could also be the reason the region has a much higher stroke rate, research released Thursday found.    […]

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