Have you ever given any thought to how you would re-invent yourself if life took an unexpected turn? For many people, this is a question that they must face at some point whether due to relationships, finances, health, or other reasons. Well, I had to face that question about 9 years ago when my health took a turn for the worse. Having already faced a heart attack at a young age (37) and having several "near misses" that followed, I then had to face some other health issues that have completely changed my life. When I was young, I remember hearing people say "if you have your health you have everything". At the time, I just thought of that as something that older people said. Now, I know all too well just how true that saying is.

The program at Bee Healthy has been key to improving my well being on two important fronts: energy level and weight loss. The regimen that Bee Healthy helps me with includes a weekly B-12 injection, plus daily doses of a multi vitamin, Vitamin D, calcium, fish oil, Corvalen, and Metabolic Lean. While the B-12 (Super Bee) injection has been the catalyst to improve my energy level, Metabolic Lean has served an equally important role in helping to lose weight. As stated earlier, I am a heart patient, so taking the phentermine appetite suppresent was not an option for me. Instead, Metabolic Lean has played a crucial role in helping me to naturally curb my appetite while also helping to metabolize fat. With the help of this wonderful program and the support of the staff, I have finally been successful in losing weight the healthy way. I no longer suffer from diabetes, and I have been able to discontinue the use of one of my blood pressure medications. And, when I go in for my weekly injections and weigh ins, my blood pressure and heart rate are also monitored-something that makes my Cardiologist very happy!
I can truly say that this program, along with the support that I have received from the exceptionally caring staff at Bee Healthy Medical Weight Loss, has saved my life. Now, I have to decide what the next chapter will hold for me-how will I re-invent myself with my newfound knowledge of health while managing the limitations of chronic illness. One thing that I know for sure is that my new "family" at Bee Healthy will be a very important part of that!!

Jodie Turner

Health and wellness were not always my passions. In fact, I had unhealthy habits for most of my life. It wasn’t until my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer that I started making better decisions. The oncologist was straight forward with us: years of eating badly and inactivity greatly contributed to the cancer. As a family, we cut out processed foods and began eating clean. It was incredible how much better my mom could cope with the illness and treatment by just eating healthier. From then on, I knew I wanted to help others to be good to their bodies and make healthy choices!
I’m a southern girl, raised and educated! I graduated from Clemson University in Food Science and Human Nutrition. I was fortunate to have my first job out of college at Bee Healthy as the nutritionist. I’m currently working on becoming a Certified Personal Trainer. Since exercise is such a big part of wellness, I want to be equipped to help others in all areas.
I want to coach people to drop the “diet” and make lifestyle changes that will help them the rest of their lives. Diets do work initially, but do not help in the long-run and will often leave you frustrated and hungry. Food and exercise are great medicine and tools that can help you unlock your body’s full potential and prevent health problems down the road. I am so excited to be living out my dreams and making the world a healthier place!

Ms Jeannie

December 2013 I started BeeHealthy in Lexington SC. I weighed in at 176lbs , 5 feet 5 inches and 43 years old. Pushing hard into a size 16! May 2014 I weigh in at 140lbs! I am very thankful that BeeHealthy has made me accountable and conscious of what I eat and when. They have taught me how to eat and live healthy! I now walk on the treadmill at least 4 evenings a week for 30 minutes. For someone who loved to eat and drink all the wrong things and never exercised I now enjoy eating the right foods and exercising! I have 10lbs to go to get to my goal weight! I cannot thank BeeHealthy and their staff enough for helping me to change my life for the better! I feel so much better ! I enjoy shopping for clothes for myself, getting dressed each day and most of all I don't mind getting my picture taken! Thanks BeeHealthy!!

Name: Misty

There are no words that could ever truly describe my appreciation for each of you and the way ya’ll have absolutely changed my life. Before I began the bee healthy program I remember being so very unhappy in my own skin. When I would look in the mirror it didn't even feel like “me” looking back. In the past I have tried several different things to live a healthy lifestyle but an ankle injury I sustained years ago limited me and it felt like every step I would take was followed by a push that sent me back.

Through your program and support I wake up knowing that no matter what the weather is like or what I have to face in the day that I can handle anything. I don’t have to worry about people around me noticing that I’m winded after a flight of stairs or being afraid to take my niece to the zoo out of fear that I just won’t be able to handle the physical demand. Now, I walk into a room and as people turn I know it’s because I am smiling. I can look people in the eyes without feeling self conscious. I can spend a day at the beach running through the sand and still be able to walk the boardwalk that night.

The gift that each of you are a part of has allowed me to find myself, to feel pride in who I am, and strength to know that anything is possible because I am willing to change my life to be happy. As I continue my journey I love when the opportunity arises to share my change with others. You are changing lives. You are making dreams a reality. You are giving men and women the opportunity to reach their personal goals. You are giving people a tomorrow.

My friends and family that have put in the time with your program and the effort to living a better lifestyle have also shown dramatic results. My best friend was on blood pressure medicine for 5 years and no longer has to take it. Another friend is able to have the wedding of her dreams and walk down the isle confident. The most meaningful moment was when another friend looked at me and expressed her joy in being able to cross her legs. Something so small to most was a monumental achievement. My heart is filled with so much joy and pride for the accomplishments of those I love.

It’s all because of each of you. Ya’ll are our angels and the answer to so many prayers. I’m truly and humbly thankful in every possible way. Thank you for changing my life and continuing with me on my journey to reach my personal goals.

Mayor Randy

"Wow! Randy you have decreased your risks for stroke and other heart related illness significantly by losing over 30 pounds since your last visit six months ago." said my Rheumatologist when checking my chart during my recent check up. "By doing so, you have improved significantly your long term life expectancy and virtually eliminated future Gout attacks!!!" At that moment I truly realized the life changing impact Bee Healthy has had on my life, I could not have accomplished this positive health change without the guidance and discipline provided by Nurse Practitioner, Vickie Gore and her competent and encouraging staff at Bee Healthy, along with the medical guidance and oversight by Dr. James Allan Hicks. Team Bee Healthy has truly caused a life changing experience in my life. I want to thank them all for the blessing they have been.

Mayor Randy gets weekly B12 injections that give extra energy and is needed with his busy schedule. Additionally, the Mayor has been on the Fish Oil supplied by Bee Healthy and within 3 months showed a significant improvement in cholesterol levels.

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