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Powers - BeforeAfterAt Bee Healthy Medical Weight Loss and Wellness, we love celebrating our clients’ successes, and we love sharing them with you so you may be encouraged. This month’s spotlighted client is Kelli Powers from Irmo, SC. Kelli first came to Bee Healthy in May of 2015, with her weight at 200.5 and her waist measuring 38 inches. Just four months later, in September 2015, she weighed in a t 154 pounds, and her waist measured just 32 inches. That’s a 46.5 pound weight loss and 6.0 total inches lost in her waist.

We selected Kelli as our Bee Healthy Spotlight this month because she displays consistency and dedication to her weight loss goals and maintains a positive attitude even through difficult weeks. She comes in to the clinic every week to weigh in and get her weekly injection, and she never misses her follow-up appointments with our providers. Here’s Kelli’s story:

Bee Healthy: What motivated you to start your weight loss? Did you have any specific health problems before you began? Have those problems now resolved?


Kelli: My husband and son recently lost a lot of weight. I was watching my family get healthy and I was unhealthy and miserable. I had really bad knee pain and about the only thing I could do was walk. I am now able to jog and do Zumba, which is a blast.


Bee Healthy: How did you set goals for yourself?


Kelli: I started out small. I started by cutting down on diet soda, and then trying to walk every day. As I reached one goal, I went on to the next.


Bee Healthy: What was the hardest lifestyle change was hardest for you to adjust to? Was it giving up a specific food? Exercising regularly? Eating smaller, more frequent meals?


Kelli: The hardest lifestyle change was caffeine and diet soda. I have up caffeine cold turkey. The first 3 days were hard, but I don’t miss it.


Bee Healthy: What is your favorite exercise, and how often do you do it? My favorite exercise is walking around my neighborhood. If I’ve had a long day, it is very convenient to just walk out my front door. I try to walk at least 2 miles every day.


Bee Healthy: What’s your favorite healthy snack?


Kelli: I love apple slices and peanut butter.


Bee Healthy: What did you do to get past the weight loss plateaus?


Kelli: There have been some weeks when I’ve only lost 1 lb. After one of those weeks, I would switch up my exercise routine.


Bee Healthy: What’s been most rewarding about your weight loss?


Kelli: Fitting into clothes that have been in a box for years waiting on me to lose weight.


Bee Healthy: What are some things you enjoy doing now that you didn’t enjoy so much before your weight loss?


Kelli: Going shopping and trying on clothes.


Bee Healthy: How did you remain disciplined in today’s fast-paced society?


Kelli: Sometimes it is hard, but I am a person that once I put my mind to something I don’t want to fail.


Bee Healthy: How has the staff at Bee Healthy helped you to reach your goals?


Kelli: They are so encouraging. They are as happy as I am with the weight loss.


Bee Healthy: How have your friends and family reacted to the “new you”?


Kelli:  I have gotten a lot of compliments. It’s nice to hear that you are looking so skinny.


Are you ready to get healthy and make lasting changes? Are you ready to lose weight and feel great? We will help you get started, and we will be your support team every step of the way. Call us at Bee Healthy Medical Weight Loss and Wellness, and let us help you “BEE Healthy”.

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