How to Keep Exercising When It’s Cold Outside

Brrr!!! As the days get shorter and colder, it’s tempting to blow off a morning jog in favor of some extra time under the blankets. Setting up a cold-weather exercise routine that works for your needs is the best way to fight that temptation.

Adopt a Home-Based Routine

Freezing temperatures, limited daylight and slippery roads make outdoor exercise not only unpleasant but potentially dangerous. You could just hit the gym, but people who prefer to exercise outdoors might not enjoy working out on a machine. Winter is the perfect time to try a new yoga, boot camp or weight-lifting routine in your living room. Watch and follow a guided program – carefully! – via the Internet or your TV’s on-demand menu.

Find Other Indoor Outlets

If exercising at home isn’t an option, you have other choices beside a traditional gym. Join a kickboxing class, or try your hand (and feet) at rock climbing in an indoor facility. Community centers or gyms that have indoor pools are also an ideal setting for some low-impact exercise.

Try New Sports

Skiing and snowboarding might not be feasible for some people living in warmer states. Still, winter is the ideal time to try some new indoor sports. Join a local curling club, ice hockey team, indoor soccer team or badminton league. Taking adult ice-skating classes is a challenging way to get exercise, too.

Team Up With a Buddy

If you still want to exercise outdoors but need a little motivation to leave your warm house, joining forces with like-minded people will provide that extra little push. Make a pact with a friend to walk together five days a week, or join a local running group. Knowing that someone is expecting you should make it harder to skip a workout – plus, using the buddy system is a safety measure when you’re out in cold, dark or slippery conditions.

Bundle Up

Maybe no amount of winter weather is enough to keep you inside. Working out in insufficient gear can lead to illness and injury, and it might make exercising so uncomfortable that you cut your sessions short. So if you’re going to keep working out outdoors, wear sweat-wicking clothing closest to your skin and top it with fleece or wool for insulation. Add a third, water-resistant layer on really cold, rainy or snowy days. Don’t forget sunscreen and water, too. It’s still possible to get sunburned and dehydrated in winter.

We know that meeting your health goals can be challenging all year round, and especially during the cold months. All of us at Bee Health Clinics are ready to become your weight loss partners and help you meet those goals. Contact us today!

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