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Your Virtual Accountability Partner

We believe accountability is the best way to see progress in weight loss. Our Tracker Bee app gives you the ability to stay accountable from anywhere, providing you with all the information you need to help you make the right decisions at any time.

The ability to see vitals and measurements over time helps determine when you were getting your best results and compare what may have been different with your diet or exercise routine to set new goals.

Smart Devices

Smart devices sync to the Tracker Bee App so you can view your progress daily, weekly, monthly, or annually any time from your phone. Our smart scale is used at every follow-up visit to measure weight, BMI, body fat, visceral fat, lean mass, and hydration. Fitness trackers to monitor steps and sleeping patterns are available for purchase; however, most smart watches will sync to the Tracker Bee app. Digital glucose monitors and blood pressure cuffs that sync to the app are also available.


Virtual Visits

Have the support of a weight loss expert from the comfort of your own home with in-app messaging and video conferencing.  Nutritonal counseling is often provided this way becasue the coach can acatully review all the meals and exercises you’ve logged within the app to help detemine what changes may need to be made in your routine.  A smart scale and blood pressure cuff are required for telemedicine refills.

Food and Exercise Logs

Keeping a food and exercise journal has always been encouraged with our plans, but main things patients struggled with were keeping up with their paper journals and having the time to actaully write it all down. The Tracker Bee app offers a solution to both  wiht the ability to quickly document your meals and activites wherever, whenever.

Document Library

This little yellow button is FULL of resources to help you on your weight loss journey! New recipes and exercises are uploaded periodically. Healthy dishes from local restaurants and exercises from fitness professionals in the area are also featured.

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