Programs & Pricing

We offer a unique approach to identify and assist you along your weight loss journey. Our programs are completely customizable to your individual needs. Our goal is to educate and address particular learned behaviors that might be preventing you from achieving your goals.


All of our programs and services include:

Medical Supervision
Special care needs to be exercised when attempting to lose weight, especially if you are considered overweight or obese. For this reason, our programs are conducted under bariatric physicians, ensuring that your weight loss plan is safe, effective, and sustainable.

Customized Weight Loss Plan
An experienced medical weight loss professional will take into consideration your current health condition, body type, weight loss goals, and other important factors when designing a custom weight loss program for you. We prioritize all aspects related to your health to ensure a successful and safe weight loss journey.

Nutrition Plan
Unsafe diets commonly deprive you of the essential nutrients your body needs on daily basis. In addition, what you eat, and what you don’t eat, has an enormous impact on your overall health and vitality. As a result, our medical weight loss program consists of a professionally designed customized nutrition plan that will ensure your weight loss is healthy, safe, and effective.

Professional Advice and Coaching
It’s easy to get off-track in your quest to lose weight. You’ll need all the support you can get. Diets and exercise programs don’t offer the medical know-how, experience, and professional support a medically supervised weight loss program does. Your medical weight loss specialist will provide sound professional advice, coaching, and support.

Long Term Solution
We’ve designed our programs to provide long term solutions. The program we offer will help you lose excess weight steadily and maintain a healthy weight over time. You will get a weight loss plan that works for you and is practical to implement in your daily routine.

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