B-12/Lipotropic Injections


Lipotropic-B vitamin injections have been used non-invasively to help patients to achieve generalized weight loss. These so-called “fat burner” injections can be done as frequently as once a week. The basis of these injections is that Vitamin B12, an essential vitamin, is used by our body to create and boost the energy needed for exercise resulting in more calorie burn.

The Lipotropics are a combination of the amino acids, Choline, Inositol and Methionine, which are among the most effective, are used in removing fat via the liver metabolism processes. Lipotropics help to maintain a healthy liver. 

Vitamin B12

Important for the normal functioning of the nervous system and for the formation of blood. It is involved in the metabolism of most cells in the body, especially effecting DNA synthesis and regulation, but also fatty acid synthesis and energy production. Many medical conditions, illness, substance dependencies as well as normal aging can lead to a B12 deficiency.


A fat emulsifier which aides in emulsifying cholesterol so that it does not settle on arterial walls. It works well with Inositol to utilize fats and cholesterol. The body can produce Choline, with the help of vitamin B12, folic acid and Methionine. Natural Choline production may not always be adequate to meet daily needs. Studies show that diets deficient in Choline lead to undesirable changes to liver, kidney and brain function.


Metabolizes fats and cholesterol and aides in transporting fat in the blood stream. Thus, Inositol is an aid in the redistribution of body fats and may help to lower cholesterol levels. Inositol participates in the action of serotonin, a neurotransmitter known to control mood and appetite. A lack of Inositol has been shown to produce an accumulation of triglycerides in the liver.


A sulfur-containing amino acid with Lipotropic properties similar to Choline. It is required for the Biosynthesis in the body of two other important amino acids, Taurine and Cystine as well as Choline. It is helpful in relieving or preventing fatigue and may be useful in some cases of allergy because it reduces histamine release. Any deficiency will adversely affect fat metabolism and may lead to fatty degeneration and cirrhosis of the liver. Note: If you are allergic to Sulfur request the Lipotropic injection without Methionine.

Please note that that these injections are not a complete substitute for proper diet and exercise. They are made to assist you and enhance your weight loss results. For maximum results, they must be used in conjunction with proper observation of diet and exercise. 

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