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A ketogenic weight loss program is built on the ketogenic diet – a carefully designed nutritious meal plan that cuts out nearly all carbohydrates while being high in fat. On this diet, your diet will consist of 70-75% healthy fats, 20-25% protein, and only 5% carbohydrates.

By eating a very low-carb diet, you remove the body’s usual form of fuel – glucose – so that it burns fat for energy instead. Once you enter ketosis, your body will burn fat while retaining muscle and improving your overall form – all while feeling satiated.



A ketogenic weight-loss program must be carefully managed. In order to keep your body safely in a state of ketosis, you must follow a precise and personalized diet regimen under a physician’s supervision. Working with us we’ll design your diet so you get all the nutrients you need.

  • Carbohydrates you eat will mostly come from vegetables, nuts, and berries.
  • Starter keto diets most often average out around 1600 calories per day.
  • Early weight loss may average between 2-10 pounds in water weight.
  • Average sustained weight loss may average 1-2 pounds per week.

On each office visit, we’ll test you to ensure that your body is properly in ketosis. This is something you can check at home as well using products like Ketostix (which test for ketones in your urine) or Keto Mojo (which checks your blood); however, having a professional test done during your regular check-ins is the most reliable way to ensure you’re ketogenic weight loss regimen is working.

To improve your weight loss results while on a ketogenic diet, you should follow an exercise program personally tailored to your physical condition and abilities. Weight loss results will vary based on how well you follow your diet and exercise plan.



Not only is your ketogenic diet calibrated to ensure you’re getting an appropriate spread of vitamins and minerals naturally, we also offer injections of key vitamins right at our office! Make sure you talk to our specialists about our B-12 injections, which help your body burn fats and carbohydrates for energy. Our upgraded injections – the Skinny Bee and the Queen Bee – both include chromium as well to help maintain normal glucose metabolism.

We also offer a variety of supplements to improve overall health and weight loss, including:

  • Hydrolyzed Collagen – Collagen protein contains rare and vital amino acids that help your body build strong skin, hair, nails, along with connective tissue.
  • MCT Oil Powder – Healthy fats in MCT Oil Powder are quickly converted to ketones to provide you with better focus and more energy, while helping you burn more fat.
  • Fat-Zyme – These enzymes help your body break down all those vegetables you’ve been eating on your ketogenic diet and help supply your vital organs with the necessary nutrients they need to function properly.
  • Instant Ketones – This supplement helps you get into ketosis faster, which means you’ll be burning fats as fuel rather than sugar or carbs that much more quickly.
  • Keto ICED Krill – Krill oil is famous for a high concentration of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. ICED Krill provides DHA and EPA in the purest and most potent form with NO off-putting fishy odor.