Have you ever given any thought to how you would re-invent yourself if life took an unexpected turn? For many people, this is a question that they must face at some point whether due to relationships, finances, health, or other reasons. Well, I had to face that question about 9 years ago when my health took a turn for the worse. Having already faced a heart attack at a young age (37) and having several “near misses” that followed, I then had to face some other health issues that have completely changed my life. When I was young, I remember hearing people say “if you have your health you have everything”. At the time, I just thought of that as something that older people said. Now, I know all too well just how true that saying is.

The program at Bee Healthy has been key to improving my well being on two important fronts: energy level and weight loss. The regimen that Bee Healthy helps me with includes a weekly B-12 injection, plus daily doses of a multi vitamin, Vitamin D, calcium, fish oil, Corvalen, and Metabolic Lean. While the B-12 (Super Bee) injection has been the catalyst to improve my energy level, Metabolic Lean has served an equally important role in helping to lose weight. As stated earlier, I am a heart patient, so taking the phentermine appetite suppresent was not an option for me. Instead, Metabolic Lean has played a crucial role in helping me to naturally curb my appetite while also helping to metabolize fat. With the help of this wonderful program and the support of the staff, I have finally been successful in losing weight the healthy way. I no longer suffer from diabetes, and I have been able to discontinue the use of one of my blood pressure medications. And, when I go in for my weekly injections and weigh ins, my blood pressure and heart rate are also monitored-something that makes my Cardiologist very happy!
I can truly say that this program, along with the support that I have received from the exceptionally caring staff at Bee Healthy Medical Weight Loss, has saved my life. Now, I have to decide what the next chapter will hold for me-how will I re-invent myself with my newfound knowledge of health while managing the limitations of chronic illness. One thing that I know for sure is that my new “family” at Bee Healthy will be a very important part of that!!