There are no words that could ever truly describe my appreciation for each of you and the way ya’ll have absolutely changed my life. Before I began the bee healthy program I remember being so very unhappy in my own skin. When I would look in the mirror it didn’t even feel like “me” looking back. In the past I have tried several different things to live a healthy lifestyle but an ankle injury I sustained years ago limited me and it felt like every step I would take was followed by a push that sent me back.

Through your program and support I wake up knowing that no matter what the weather is like or what I have to face in the day that I can handle anything. I don’t have to worry about people around me noticing that I’m winded after a flight of stairs or being afraid to take my niece to the zoo out of fear that I just won’t be able to handle the physical demand. Now, I walk into a room and as people turn I know it’s because I am smiling. I can look people in the eyes without feeling self conscious. I can spend a day at the beach running through the sand and still be able to walk the boardwalk that night.

The gift that each of you are a part of has allowed me to find myself, to feel pride in who I am, and strength to know that anything is possible because I am willing to change my life to be happy. As I continue my journey I love when the opportunity arises to share my change with others. You are changing lives. You are making dreams a reality. You are giving men and women the opportunity to reach their personal goals. You are giving people a tomorrow.

My friends and family that have put in the time with your program and the effort to living a better lifestyle have also shown dramatic results. My best friend was on blood pressure medicine for 5 years and no longer has to take it. Another friend is able to have the wedding of her dreams and walk down the isle confident. The most meaningful moment was when another friend looked at me and expressed her joy in being able to cross her legs. Something so small to most was a monumental achievement. My heart is filled with so much joy and pride for the accomplishments of those I love.

It’s all because of each of you. Ya’ll are our angels and the answer to so many prayers. I’m truly and humbly thankful in every possible way. Thank you for changing my life and continuing with me on my journey to reach my personal goals.