How to Develop Mindful Eating Habits

Keeping up with a modern, fast-paced lifestyle can leave little time for listening to your body. When we move so quickly from one thing to the next we often don’t give ourselves a chance to listen to what our bodies really need or are craving. Mindfulness can help you become aware of those needs – and when it is applied to eating, you can recognize your patterns and behaviors to eat with awareness and enjoyment.

According to the Oregon Research Institute, “eating focused mindfulness-based intervention can result in significant changes in weight, eating behavior and psychological distress…” Results also showed a decline in binge eating, anxiety and depressive symptoms. Here are some basic tips on developing mindful eating habits.

Slow down

Slowing down is one of the best ways to allow your body to catch up to your brain. You don’t actually realize that you are full until about 20 minutes after your body feels full – which is why eating slowly can help you recognize when you’ve had enough and limit your consumption. Try setting your fork down between bites and chewing each bite longer to help slow down the process. This allows your digestive hormones time to tell your brain you’re full before eating too much.

Remove distractions

These days we all tend to eat while watching the TV or staring at our phones or computers. Put your phone in another room, turn off the TV, computer, and other distractions and give your full attention to the meal in front of you.

Engage your senses

So often, we gobble down food without even thinking about what we’re eating. With your next meal, try harder to engage your senses. Notice the smells, textures, colors, and flavors of the food you’re putting in your mouth. Chew slowly and savor each bite. Studies have shown that this type of mindfulness even makes your food taste better!

Consider where your food came from

Buying food at the supermarket doesn’t really encourage us to think about where it came from. But this reflection can help you to consider the ingredients, the farms where your food came from, and all the people involved in preparing your food. This may encourage you to feel grateful and interconnected. With more mindfulness like this, we tend to make wiser choices about sustainability and health in our food and our diets.

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