How to Ease into an Exercise Regimen

While many think it’s a great idea to just jump into a new exercise regimen, this is not necessarily the case. For those who live a majorly sedentary lifestyle, throwing yourself into a new workout routine could not only make the workouts less effective, but could also be detrimental to your physical well-being overall. Whether you work in an office or have limited mobility due to age or condition, the following is a short guide to help you ease into the exercise regimen of your choice.


No matter if you work out or not, stretching is very important to everyone, and especially to those who live sedentary lifestyles. Not only can stretching help your body prepare for more strenuous activities, it can also reduce the risk of strains and sprains within the knees, shoulders, and/or lower back. Furthermore, stretching can even help you to reduce stress and improve general productivity.


Once you have a good handle on stretching, you can move on to yoga workouts. Essentially an extended method of stretching, yoga can help you prepare for a more strenuous workout by building muscle strength, improving posture and core strength, and increasing flexibility. This makes it a great way to help you prepare your body for other forms of working out.

Water Aerobics

Next, water aerobics is another great way to prepare your body for more strenuous activities. These exercises are completed standing in water and are a type of resistance training and can be gentler on the body than traditional aerobics. Not only does it help to increase flexibility and build endurance, but it offers additional positive effects on the body such as alleviating pressure on the joints, reducing blood pressure, increasing muscle strength, and much more.

Stationary Biking

From there, stationary biking is a great next step. While it is a step up from yoga as far as cardio is concerned, it also offers an array of benefits to the body. Stationary biking programs can improve lung health and breathing capacity, add muscles and strengthen the legs, help with heart health, and even help improve your heart health. With its low impact on joints, this type of workout makes it a great exercise to help prepare your body for more tedious workouts.

Overall, getting your sedentary body ready for strenuous workouts is a long process that requires dedication – but it’s easier than it looks and can be done in increments. Simply follow this process while being sure to stay gentle with yourself and keep hydrated. Don’t forget to listen to your body and ease up if you encounter any pain. And if you need assistance meeting weight loss goals, contact Bee Healthy Clinics today!

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