Great Apps for Your Walking/Running Routine

Whether you are training for a marathon or simply trying to get fit, running and walking apps can make exercising easy and fun. Check out these five top smartphone apps that can help you get moving.


Sometimes referred to as “the social network for runners,” Strava provides plenty of opportunities to check out your friends’ running routines, give them kudos for hard workouts, and discover running routes in your local area. It also provides plenty of features to help you keep track of your own runs or walks, including GPS tracking, route planning, personal speed records, and much more. If you upgrade to the premium version of this app, you can connect a heartbeat monitor to track how hard your body is working.

Couch to 5k

If you are new to running, the Couch to 5K app by Zenlabs provides the perfect program to get you off the couch and running your first 5K within just a few short weeks. The app guides you through a structured program of running and walking intervals, gradually building your fitness until you are able to run continuously for 30 minutes.


Whether or not you have a FitBit device, the FitBit app can track your steps and allow you to participate in challenges against your friends and family. Simply wear your device or keep your phone in your pocket to rack up steps while walking the dog, shopping at the store, or commuting to work. If you have a FitBit device with a built-in heart rate monitor, you can view a much greater range of data within the app, including daily estimated calorie burn.

Zombies, Run!

If you have trouble motivating yourself to go for a run, Zombies, Run! is the perfect app for you. This app leads you through a series of stories set after a zombie apocalypse. When zombies start lurching toward you, it’s time to run away! This fun app has kept many runners entertained through boring parts of their training. If you’re not a runner, you can set up the app so that you can simply walk faster when the zombies come looking for your brain.


For some people, running and walking while listening to an audiobook is the ideal way to destress. Audible has a huge selection of titles. Simply choose your favorite, plug in your earphones, and start moving.

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