Keto-Friendly Holiday Foods

Although the holiday season is upon us, it’s no excuse to totally ruin your fitness progress. And while it may feel difficult to enjoy the holidays while sticking to your keto diet, it will be much more difficult to get back on track after the new year. That said, there’s still plenty of enjoyment to be had this holiday season and eating keto-friendly foods still means treats. Take a look at the following keto-friendly holiday foods.


Are you looking for keto-friendly veggies you can eat this holiday season? Collard greens are very healthy and known for being enjoyed during the holiday season. Eggplant and zucchini are also two veggies that are incorporated in countless holiday side dishes. You can also have artichokes, cucumbers, and cabbage, which are less healthy than the previous options but are acceptable keto foods.

Bring on the Meat

Unless you are vegan, you may think that no meal is complete without the meat – which is great for your holiday feast plans! Lean beef, chicken, game, lamb, pork, and veal are your top choices for keto-friendly meats. Look forward to steak, baked chicken, pork chops, and lamb chops as  keto-friendly meal options that you can enjoy this holiday season.


In addition to meats and veggies, people also eat a lot of dairy around the holidays. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Guilty!” Don’t worry: Some of your keto-friendly options are butter and ghee, heavy cream, mozzarella, blue cheese, and cream cheese, to name a few. So enjoy that cheesecake (within reason), cheese appetizers, salads and other dishes with blue cheese crumbles, and many other yummy dairy products.

Alternative Recipes

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to just the foods on this list. There are plenty of recipes that allow you to substitute keto-friendly ingredients for traditional ingredients. For instance, pumpkin pie, various types of cookies, stuffing, and even gravy have many recipes online that allow you to enjoy these staples without breaking your diet!

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