Your Keto Guide to Eating Out

So, you’re doing the keto diet — and you feel great! Then you run into a bit of a problem: eating out. Like many people who are making healthy eating choices, you don’t know what to order from the menu. Thankfully, you can keep up your social life and your keto diet regimen by following these easy tips.

Skip the Starch

You know rice is a no-no. But on keto, you want to avoid grains altogether. That means no whole grain noodles, couscous, barley or millet. No french fries or other carbohydrates. You’d be surprised how many options you have when you look beyond the ramen.

Choose the Protein

In place of those starchy fillers, opt for protein-rich foods like meats, seafood and eggs. If you’re eating out for breakfast, watch out for those traditional meal combos that come with potatoes or english muffins. Ask for half an avocado with your eggs instead of those bread and potato sides.

Swap the Dressing

A meal is always a bit better with flavoring, but most dressings are packed with sweeteners. Ask for the dressing on the side (or to stay in the kitchen for a non-keto diner). You can also swap your dressing for extra virgin olive oil. If your restaurant doesn’t do substitutions, ask for a naked (dressing-free) dish and pack your own oil into the restaurant with you.

Love Your Lettuce

Who doesn’t love a good burger? Well, the patty is keto-friendly, but that bun has to go. You can replace it with a lettuce wrap. Same goes for tortillas and other dishes that traditionally come encased in a bread product. Many restaurants offer lettuce wraps right on the menu, so you might not even have to ask them to make a change.

Mind Your Condiments

When you’re trying to stick to an eating plan, condiments are a big deal. Opt for high-fat toppings like guacamole, mayonnaise, and sour cream. Tomato-based salsa, mustard and vinegar are also excellent low-carb choices to bring life to your meal.

Getting a Partner in Your Weight Loss Journey

You don’t have to navigate those menus alone. At Bee Healthy Clinic, we are waiting to be your weight loss partners on the keto diet. We have resources and support to help you meet your goals. Talk to us today!

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