The Most Fun You’ll Have Exercising

As it turns out, if you aren’t trying to build up a specific muscle, it doesn’t matter what kind of exercises you do as long as you do something. This means that any type of movement is healthy and good for you, so if you hate going to the gym or just want to start moving without the formality of a workout, read on! We compiled a list of fun stuff for you to do. In fact, these items may be so fun you won’t realize you’re exercising at all. 


There are several ways you can dance: you can take a dance class to learn a new skill, dance around your home when no one is watching, or invite your friends over and have a dance party to a killer play list or even a video game like Just Dance. Any way you do it, dancing will help you burn calories and sweat out some toxins. Dancing can burn up to 260 calories over thirty minutes, and you don’t even have to look good while you’re doing it. The main point is to have fun!

Get Fit with Digital Assistance

It shouldn’t be a secret that the digital lifestyle is the wave of the future, and this includes digitally-enhanced methods for getting fit. Using fun smartphone apps like Pokemon Go! (to get you walking) and Zombies, Run! (to get you running) are great ways to keep your adrenaline pumping and your legs moving. If these apps aren’t for you, consider getting a fitness mirror or a fitness video game like Wii Sports Resort. 

YouTube has a bunch of fun, follow-along fitness videos too. You won’t have to leave the house, and you can watch TV at the same time: simply keep your feet and arms moving, and you’ll be able to get into a great groove.  


LARPing or Live Action Role Playing may not seem like much of an exercise, but it can still get you moving outside and is a lot of fun. Besides getting a chance to play pretend again, you also get to dress in costume with gowns, crowns, and equipment. Many times you will be running into battle or walking around for hours trying to find a quest objective. Either way, you’ll be moving to a new beat and finding excitement along the way as you learn about a whole new world you didn’t realize existed; we aren’t just talking about the fantasy world aspects, either, but the fitness benefits to be found while wearing makeup and donning a sword.

Go Old School with Jump Rope or Hula Hoop

Speaking of playing pretend, how long has it been since you jumped rope to a skipping-rope rhyme or used a hula hoop? These activities are great fun and are full-on intense aerobic exercise. You often don’t realize how intense the workout is while you’re doing it! Learn a new jump rope routine or create a grown-up version of a jump rope song you used to sing; it will have you up and active in no time. Hula hooping as an adult is much harder than it was when you were a kid, but when you make it fun and try to beat your last “score,” it will add some great spice to the exercise and turn it into a game. 


If simply hiking in the woods or walking around your neighborhood with no real purpose isn’t for you, then why not try geocaching? Looking for geocaches in the woods or around your town will make you feel like a pirate or a detective while you search for clues and treasure. There are apps online that can help you find geocaches in your area, and you can plant new geocaches to bring an extra layer of fun to the activity. 

If you are searching for geocaches and find one, don’t forget to leave something in its spot for the next person who goes looking.  

Now, get out there and get some exercise! And don’t forget to reach out to Bee Healthy Clinics for help on your weight loss journey should you need us.

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