Yoga for Beginners

Becoming an Olympic-level gymnast or an NFL player is out of the question for most people. But yoga? That’s for everyone at every stage of life. No matter your age, budget or typical activity level, you can get something out of a yoga session. A lot of people who are transitioning out of a sedentary lifestyle swear by yoga as an exercise strategy. This practice is low impact, easy to do at home and totally customizable to your own needs.

What You’ll Need for Yoga

Another great thing about yoga is that it doesn’t require that you buy hundreds of dollars of gear before you can try your first child’s pose. All you really need is a yoga mat and comfortable clothing. It might also be helpful to grab a few yoga blocks, which can be useful for people who have limited flexibility. For example, if a pose requires you to put your hands on the floor but you can’t stretch that far, put blocks down and place your hands on them instead.

As for clothing, form-fitting workout gear is best for yoga because it won’t interfere with your movement. Wear shorts or leggings and a snug T-shirt or tank top. Yoga is typically done barefoot but you may opt to wear yoga socks, which have grippy soles to keep you from sliding.

Where You’ll Find Yoga Classes

At least when you’re starting out, following an experienced instructor is how you’ll learn the proper, safe way to practice yoga. Yoga studios have sprung up all around the country, and they typically offer a variety of class times and difficulty levels. Some gyms also offer yoga classes. So do community centers. If you can’t join a group class, borrow a yoga DVD from the library or find a beginner program on YouTube or your TV’s on-demand program.

What You Should Know About Yoga

Keep in mind that, although yoga is low-impact, you can still get hurt if you’re not careful. If you have problems with your balance or any physical restrictions, like a low back injury or bad knees, take at least a few small-group classes and ask the instructor to help you find poses and modifications that work for your specific limitations. There’s also a fall risk associated with yoga. If you feel dizzy or off-balance, rest on the mat and drink water until you feel better.

At Bee Healthy Clinics, we love to celebrate any activities that help you feel strong and healthy! Yoga definitely fits the bill, but it’s just one part of your weight loss journey. We’re waiting to help you with the rest. Contact us today!

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