3 Ways to Source Fresh Veggies Without Braving the Supermarkets

Do you remember earlier this year when the COVID-19 crisis first swept through our nation and supermarkets became the front lines of a pandemic battle that we all found ourselves thrust into? 

Six months later and guess what…. Not a whole lot has changed.

Sure things have opened up a bit, but supermarkets are still not high on anyone’s list of places to visit – plus, grocery prices keep rising and selection is often minimal. Of course, these realities make it extra difficult for those who like to keep a selection of fresh veggies in the refrigerator.

After all, it’s hard to keep your greens fresh and crispy if you are only buying a new supply every couple of weeks, not to mention the problem of inadequate crisper storage for your selections.

What’s a family to do?

Many have tried to solve these challenges with grocery stores that deliver, but it doesn’t take long to realize that when someone else is picking out your food from the same slim inventories, you get fruits and veggies you would have passed on if you had picked it yourself.

But wait, there is a better option – actually several. 

Here are just a few:

1. Online food delivery services

Thankfully, in today’s online world, it doesn’t take long to find creative companies out there offering unique grocery delivery solutions that will net you better quality foods – and often at a savings. 

Services like Imperfect Foods, Misfit Markets, and Hungry Harvest offer customers the convenience of stay-at-home shopping with the ability to customize their orders and select frequency of delivery. Additionally, these three companies all boast organic and non-organic options.

2. Networking Mobile Apps

Yes, there truly is “an app for that.” For some people, the ability to source fresh veggies from local growers is as easy as the tap of a finger. Apps like CropSwap, American Farmers Markets, and Gurbi allow consumers to connect directly with farmers in their area in real time to find and order fresh produce.

It’s kinda like a Plenty of Fish or Bumble… but for fresh fruits and veggies! 

3. Food Co-ops

Grocery cooperatives (co-op) are member-owned food and grocery stores that welcome all shoppers while offering special benefits to members who buy a share in the business. Co-ops often offer access to local, organically grown produce that might not be available at regular grocery stores or supermarkets.

Though every co-op works differently, grocery cooperatives often have generous produce sections that focus on seasonal, high quality ingredients. Co-op buyers work with suppliers that consistently deliver new items, keeping their products fresh and crisp.

Thankfully, despite COVID-19’s best attempts, it is STILL POSSIBLE to get access to high quality fresh vegetables and fruits without breaking the bank – and often without even leaving your house. 

Let us know how you make out on your veggie hunting adventures! And if you need further help on your personal health journey, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Bee Healthy Clinic nearest you.

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