4 Strategies to Keep Your Healthy Meal Plan on Track

Eating healthy is only a problem when you don’t have the time, right? If only! It’s true that it’s a problem when you don’t have the time, but what makes eating healthier even harder is not making it a habit (whether you have time or not).

When we are on the run, in a rush, busy with work, you name it, it’s easy to get lost in the “I’ll just grab what’s quick” trap — and, most times, that leads to fast food binges, snacking on sugar-filled candy for quick energy boosts, and consuming terrible energy drinks that could eat out the lining of your stomach. 

To help you keep track of your food allowances and stick to a healthy meal strategy, we’ve put together a few easy ways to get into the healthy consumption habit and keep your meal plans on task. 

Carry a Water Bottle With You Everywhere

Although this seems like it may be a hassle, carrying a water bottle with you everywhere you go is the best strategy for keeping yourself hydrated, which is beneficial to your body in a number of ways. Not only is water critical to the smooth functioning of your body’s processes, but staying hydrated can also curb your appetite. Don’t go overboard and drink water when you should be eating a meal, but do use it to support your commitment to not reaching for unhealthy beverages or snacks. 

Consistently drinking water throughout the day can also give you an idea of when you should eat and help you keep your meals on track. Drink one bottle at breakfast, another throughout the morning as you have a midmorning snack then go through to lunch, and so forth. While there are many different opinions on how much water we should consume each day, the general rule of thumb is to drink the equivalent of 64 ounces each day (or half a gallon).

Keep a Stash of Healthy Treats Near You

In order to ensure that you’re eating healthy food, you need to surround yourself with healthy food. That especially includes your snacks! Having healthy treats on hand like fresh fruits, nuts (watch out for the salt content), peanut butter (don’t eat too  much and watch the sugar content), and shelf-stable single-serve snacks like pre-portioned dry fruits and snack bars will help you grab the healthy treat every time — and you can store most of these in your pocket, purse, or desk drawer. 

Having these treats nearby will give you a healthy solution to the “grab something quick” problem while giving you that boost of energy needed to help get you through the day.

Preparation is key and one of the best strategies you can employ to remain solidly on track with your healthy meal plan. 

Give Yourself a Break

As with everything in life, you will stumble sometimes and fail at sticking to your meal plan. When this happens, don’t become discouraged and don’t give up. Understand that you are going to make mistakes, but one, two, or even three muck-ups don’t justify giving up on the entire plan you have set up for yourself. Don’t be hard on yourself, but reset and start the next meal with gusto. 

Start Small

Often, when you first start a task, it feels as if you can take over the world – you’re so full of energy. Of course, then things get hard as you struggle to cement your new habits. Help yourself succeed by realizing you can reach your goal by starting small. 

Accept the fact that staying on track with your meal plan is going to be a marathon rather than a race. Prepping meals takes time, packing your food takes time, and you have to keep doing it even when you’re short on sleep or getting side-tracked with work, school, kids, and the rest of life. 

Start by giving yourself a small goal to stay on a specific meal plan for three weeks. Then keep moving forward in bite-sized pieces, designing your meal plan and using your time wisely to see it through.And remember, should you ever need any help on your journey toward a healthy weight, we’re here to assist you. Reach out to us any time. We’ll take on the world at your side!

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