5 Tips to Curb Hunger and Control Cravings

One of the biggest obstacles that many people face in their weight loss journey is getting cravings. You start eating healthier with the best of intentions and, the next thing you know, you can’t stop thinking about drinking soda or eating a cookie or stopping for some french fries. The good news is that cravings don’t last forever. In fact, there are many ways to reduce hunger and stay on track, and we’ve got five tried-and-true tips to share with you today.

The Top 5 Ways to Curb Hunger and Control Cravings

Here are five proven tips to reduce hunger.

1. Drink Enough Water

Hunger pangs don’t necessarily mean that you’re hungry. It’s possible that your body is telling you that you need to hydrate! Be sure that you’re drinking enough water each day—aiming for 8 glasses a day is a decent goal—since staying hydrated is an important part of the weight loss process. If you’re bored with plain water, try adding a lime or lemon wedge or a sprig of fresh mint to refresh your hydration routine.

2. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Many people think that skipping breakfast will help them lose weight faster, but it can actually lead to heavier snacking later on in the day—and increase the intensity of any cravings you might have. Make sure that you eat a healthy breakfast at the start of each day. You’ll have more energy to get what you need to get done and you can avoid hunger pangs and poor snacking decisions later on.

3. Eat Enough Protein

Including enough protein in your daily diet can help you feel more full for longer, decreasing your appetite and making it easier to resist heavy snacking during the day. A high protein diet can also help make your workouts more effective, and slow glucose absorption to avoid blood sugar spikes.

4. Slow Down When You Eat

Creating a practice of mindful eating can help you focus on the important things during your weight loss journey—like quality over quantity. Reduce the distractions around you while you eat and eat your meals slowly, savoring each bite. Not only can this help improve your enjoyment of your meals, It will give your brain the time it needs to process the signals that are telling it that you’re full.

5. Try Phentermine

If you need a little extra help curbing those cravings, Bee Healthy Clinic’s board-certified physicians can prescribe you a 28-day supply of phentermine, which will help you suppress your appetite and get you back on track to fulfilling your weight loss goals.

Start Your Weight Loss Journey Today

If you’re just getting started on your weight loss journey and you’re not sure where to begin, working with the professionals at Bee Healthy Clinics is a great place to start. We offer a wide variety of weight loss services and can help you tailor a weight loss plan that fits your specific needs.

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