5 Tips to Help You Burn Fat

So you’re at the point in your “healthier you” journey where you’d like to focus on burning fat – but you have no idea how to go about it. 

That’s okay! We’re here to offer you some ideas. 

As with any exercise or dietary advice, it’s important that you consult with your healthcare provider before trying anything new. We also recommend that you always get a professional to show you how to do a new exercise and make sure you’re doing it correctly before you do it on your own. Taking these steps will help ensure your wellbeing, so don’t skip them! 

Read on for five ways to help burn fat. 

Do Strength Training

Have you heard of strength training? Simply put, it’s a set of exercises that has you flexing your muscles against some form of resistance, whether in the form of weights or resistance bands (for example). The point is to gain muscle. 

Of course, while you’re building muscle, you can also reduce fat – especially when you do it alongside aerobic exercises, too. 

It’s easy to get started with strength training at home, but be careful – consult a professional before beginning any new exercise regimen, stretch before you exercise, and don’t overexert yourself. Once you’re on your way, you can find plenty of exercise routines on YouTube to keep your strength training sessions productive. 

Do More Cardio

Nothing gets your heart pumping and your lungs working like cardio – and increased aerobic exercise sessions are a great way to start burning fat as well. If you’re looking to shed belly fat, cardio is a good way to go. You don’t even have to do extremely long workout sessions – just 20 minutes of cardio a day would serve you well. 

Look for ways to combine an aerobics routine with strength training and maximize your fat-burning potential. This is another good time to turn to YouTube, where you can mix and match routines to create the most productive workout for you.  

Eat More Protein

You’ve probably heard before that you should eat more protein to improve your chances of burning fat – and it’s true. Eating a high protein diet can reduce calorie intake overall (since you feel fuller and your appetite decreases) and also reduce the risk of belly fat formation. 

Protein is also instrumental in strength training, helping your body build muscle when accompanied by your strength training routine. 

While you increase your protein intake, you should also decrease your consumption of refined carbohydrates, eat more fiber, and make sure you primarily consume healthy oils. 

Try Probiotics

Talk to your healthcare provider about incorporating probiotics into your diet. Every one of us carries beneficial bacteria around in our gut – it’s just a fact of life, and many studies have addressed how these bacteria affect many diverse aspects of our overall health. 

Some types of probiotics may help prevent weight gain and decrease fat deposits. It’s super easy to incorporate probiotics into your diet, as well – you can get them as shakes, in yogurt, or even in supplement form. 

Go on Walks 

We talked about some more intensive types of exercise above – like strength training and cardio workouts. Those aren’t the only forms of effective exercise in burning fat, of course. Even something as simple as taking a daily walk can help you burn fat, encourage weight loss, and invite greater health into your life. Fresh air and sunlight are important for both your mood and getting vitamin D, too! 

Try these five tips to help you burn fat more consistently and productively! And if you’d like additional help in your weight loss journey, contact your nearest Bee Healthy Clinic location.

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