Apps Can Help You Get Healthy and Lose Weight

When you first start trying to improve your health or lose weight, it’s vital to have the support of a friend—and that friend can be either another person helping you stay accountable or even a smartphone app that keeps you on task and mindful of your progress. What this support is especially good for is helping you build winning habits: habits are what help you succeed.

Build New Habits with Apps

Habit change can feel like an uphill battle, especially when it involves altering key parts of your routine—particularly when you’re trying to improve your health, which may mean changing the types of food you eat, how frequently you eat, and how (and how often) you exercise. The good news is that this process can be made easier: all you need to establish a new habit is a little regulation and encouragement. This is where smartphone apps come in. 

According to Deloitte’s 2018 Global Mobile Consumer Survey, Americans check their phones 52 times each day on average. That may seem like an excessive number, but it’s a social habit that you can in turn anchor a new healthy habit on—like using an app that encourages you to eat better or exercise more or stress less. When an app includes a social component where a community of like-minded people can share advice and encouragement, even better; social interaction can be leveraged to keep you engaged with the app.

What Apps Can Do for Your Health

There are a few proven techniques that can assist you in any diet and exercise change—and they all hinge on deliberate action. When you eat mindfully, track what you consume, and carefully choose to exercise, you can change your life. 

Track calories: there are many apps that can track calories for you, either permitting you to choose from a database of foods and recipes or manually enter recipes of your own. Knowing how many calories you should consume and how many you have consumed is key. 

Track exercise: many apps likewise let you track your exercise, giving you a general idea of how many calories you’ve burned doing a given activity. Again, these apps often have extensive databases of different exercise activities for you to choose from when logging your daily exercise.

Provide community: social support is an important tool in your arsenal of building new and healthful habits. You can find this through programs like those at Bee Healthy Clinics as well as on apps with message boards and “like” or “comment” features.

Provide guidance: there are apps that can also take your height, weight, age, sex, and other factors, then suggest how many calories you should consume each day. This helps guide your diet and exercise, and they may also provide recommended exercises with descriptions and tips along with other resources.

The Bee Healthy App

Bee Healthy Clinics is committed to being your supportive partner throughout your weight loss and health improvement journey—which is why we provide a full suite of services from physician-monitored weight loss programs to lipotropic B12 injections to nutrition education. We even have our own app that you can download now for your Android or iPhone device. 

With the Bee Healthy app, you can weigh in to track your weight, monitor your steps for the day (and set goals), track your calories in and out, and make sure you’ve taken all your supplements and are drinking enough water. (Hydration is key to your body operating at its best—and can help curb hunger as well.) You can also log your exercises beyond walking, and integrate your other health-tracking devices (like a Fitbit or Apple Watch) with our app. It’s free to download and get started. 

When you’re ready to begin, don’t forget to reach out to your nearest Bee Healthy Clinics location in North Carolina or Georgia. We can’t wait to keep you energized and inspired on your path to better health.

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