How to Eat Healthy Anywhere

Many unhealthy food temptations surround us all, from college students in cafeterias to busy business people faced with fast food and takeout options. However, we can overcome these challenges – and you can eat healthy food anywhere when you’re equipped with the right strategies.

Bring Your Own Lunch

You have the ultimate control over your food choices when you pack your own lunch. Healthy ingredients and preparation choices set you up for healthy eating success, plus you can choose options that give you the energy to get through a long day. Build your shopping list around fresh produce and healthful foods, never go shopping hungry, and plan out your lunches each week.

Winning with Restaurant Menus

Many restaurant menus publish the calorie counts of the food that they’re serving, but you want to go beyond that simple number. Research the menu items in advance so you can look at the ingredients that they use and call the restaurant to ask questions if necessary. If you’re concerned about the sauces or dressings used in a dish, ask they be provided on the side so you can control how much is added – or leave it out and provide your own.

Read Pre-Packaged Food Labels

Pre-packaged food is a convenient meal option, but it’s important to pay close attention to the nutrition labels – it may not sound like fun, but it’s the only way to determine whether it fits into your healthy food plan. Sugar content is one of the first things to look for, as many brands add sugar to their food to make it more appealing. Fruit and some dairy products have natural sugars, so expect to see it there. In savory food, you should have limited or no sugar. Salt is another ingredient that often gets added in excess amounts.

Trans fat is another problem ingredient found in some prepackaged food. While unsaturated fats are an essential part of a healthy diet, trans fat is not good for your diet. Avoid it whenever possible.

Making Easy Takeout Substitutions

You can make a few takeout substitutions to create a healthier meal out of unhealthy options. Sometimes, you don’t have the opportunity to choose an ideal restaurant, but you can improve the choice by skipping over carb-heavy sides, looking for grilled or steamed preparations rather than fried, and replacing buns and bread with lettuce leaves. Don’t forget the trick of asking for sauces and dressings on the side!

Ready to take on the food world? Work with us here at Bee Healthy Clinics to create the best meal plan for you – one that you can stick to anywhere.

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