Pantry Spring Cleaning for Health

The springtime is the best time to reset and encourage healthy eating habits to support your weight loss and fitness goals. And if you’re trying to become healthy and fit, you need to have a plan to clean out your pantry. Luckily, springtime makes it an ideal time to clear out foods and beverages that just don’t belong in your healthy pantry. Here’s your quick guide to pantry spring cleaning:

1. Step Back and Assess

Start by evaluating your pantry’s existing lineup of unhealthy foods and condiments. Take a quick scan of the items in your pantry that expired or are about to expire. Also, pay attention to highly-processed, sugar- and salt-packed condiments, such as light salad dressings, store-bought ketchup, mayonnaise and agave nectar. These are the items you want to get rid of as you clean your pantry.

2. Sort and Clean

Take everything out of your pantry and sort your items. Throw out expired food and old spices you can’t use. Put dessert foods and snacks that will derail you from your healthy eating habits to one side – you can either return or donate them in the next step. This includes salty chips and cookies! Once all your foodstuffs have been removed, clean out your pantry by removing dust and wiping down the walls and shelves.

3. Donate

If you made a recent snack purchase, you may still have time to return the unused – and unopened! – items to the store and get your money back. But for everything else, consider donating the food to a local charity. For instance, you can donate canned vegetables, cooking oils and other items food banks need the most. Just search the websites of organizations like Feeding America to find a food bank near you. Just make sure you aren’t donating dented cans or expired food.

4. Reset with Healthy Ingredients

Make a list of the items that you need to encourage healthy eating habits, then reset your pantry with healthy ingredients based on your list. For instance, stock your pantry with the essentials, such as spices, nuts and whole grains. Opt for organic ingredients when you can. By having the healthy ingredients and food stocked in your pantry, you can avoid the temptations of mindless eating.

Final Thoughts

Checking pantry spring cleaning off your to-do list  makes it easier for you to keep on the path of a healthy lifestyle. But you don’t have to manage weight loss on your own. Consider getting the help of a professional team partnered with you on your journey: at Bee Healthy Clinics, you’ll find a team of professionals with plenty of resources waiting to be your weight loss and fitness partners. Reach out to us to get started on your path to a healthy lifestyle.

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