How to Eat Healthy During the Holidays

The holidays are coming up and they each have their own food temptations. Halloween brings candy galore, Thanksgiving is a carb-loaded wonderland, and Christmas combines them both! Eating healthy during these celebrations is challenging, but it’s not impossible. Here are five methods that you can use to ensure that rich holiday foods aren’t derailing you from your health goals.

Learn Ideal Portion Sizes

Weigh out the portions that you’re currently eating so you get a visual reference for these sizes. When you’re at a friend’s or family’s house for the holidays, you can eyeball how much you can eat and generally remain within your goals for the day.

Track Your Food Intake

Sometimes writing everything down makes it easier to be mindful of how much you’re eating. Mobile apps make this process simple, as you can do it without needing to go to a computer or grabbing a notebook. Get in the habit of doing this now so you can stay dialed in to how much you’re eating at holiday celebrations.

Sample Treats in Moderation

Holidays are known for their amazing desserts, and the temptation can sometimes be too much. Rather than getting upset at yourself if you end up eating something you weren’t planning to, allow yourself to sample these treats in moderation. By doing so, you stave off greater temptation and avoid running into problems with your healthy eating goals.

Head Off Peer Pressure

Well-meaning people may pressure you to use the holidays as a cheat day or week from your normal eating habits. You can head this issue off at the pass by explaining why it’s important that you stick to your original goals, giving friends and family the opportunity to help you rather than tempt you.

Look for Keto-Friendly Foods

If you follow a keto diet plan, you can start mapping out holiday food that fits into your nutritional requirements now. You have plenty of fat sources, as well as proteins, so you won’t have to venture far off track. Sugars and carbs are a problem, but if you put together a game plan in advance, you can limit their impact.

Want help making it through the holidays with your healthy eating goals intact? Contact us here at Bee Healthy Clinics. We’ll be your partner in your health and weight loss goals throughout this challenging time.

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